Stronger than ever, with the OLI Group

The decades of history and know-how of the globally leading company in the production of spindles and electromechanical spindles combine with the strength and production efficiency of the OLI Group to create OMLAT Mechatronics.

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Complementarietà dei servizi
  • Experiential Know-how
  • Complementary Services
  • Product Customization
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Immediate Availability of Spare Parts
Disponibilità immediata dei pezzi di ricambio
Know-how esperienziale
Customizzazione Prodotti

OMLAT is synonymous with reliability, innovation, and maximum customization of every project to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The technological leadership of Made in Italy, which, over 80 years, has transformed a precision mechanical workshop into a global leader in the industry, now receives an additional boost to its growth through integration with the OLI Group.

The Contribution of

Oli Group
Assistenza pre e post vendita

Pre and post-sales support

With a network of branches spread across all five continents, forming an extremely extensive commercial and logistical network, OLI enhances Omlat Mechatronics' already high capacity for pre and post-sales support.

Ottimizzazione costi di produzione

Cost optimization in production

The consolidated management experience of the Group supports the company in reorganizing its processes for increased industrialization and cost optimization in production.

Personalizzazione dei prodotti

Customizable and tailored products

The company's goal is to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of time and costs while continuing to provide its customer base with a comprehensive range of products that are customizable and tailored to different types of materials.

Our Product range

For All Your Needs

Spindles and Electromechanical Spindles

In support of increasingly high-performance tools, Omlat Mechatronics manufactures a complete range of spindles and electromechanical spindles to meet any requirement: from steel processing to wood, aluminum, glass, and even marble.

Since the 1990s, electromechanical spindles have gradually supplemented traditional mechanical spindles, which were designed to transmit the rotational motion from an external motor to a chosen tool.

Unlike mechanical spindles, which use belt and pulley transmissions, electromechanical spindles are equipped with internal rotor stator assemblies, with the rotor directly fitted onto the shaft between the front and rear bearing banks.

Their advantage lies in their ability to guarantee extremely high rotational speeds while maintaining maximum precision and without causing the slightest deformation.


For Every Application, for Every Material

Electromechanical Spindles for Milling

Electromechanical Spindle for Grinding

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